Palomar Observatory

Palomar ObservatoryOnly a two hour drive from San Diego and three hours from Los Angeles , is one of the most amazing scientific attractions in the world – Palomar Observatory.  Palomar Observatory is home to the 200 inch Hale Telescope. (Also at the Observatory are the 48 inch Oschin Telescope, the 18 inch Schmidt telescope and a 60 inch reflecting telescope.)

In the mid 1920’s it was concluded that a larger telescope was needed for advancement in astronomical research.  As a result of George Ellery Hale’s hard work and foresight, in 1928 the International Education Board awarded Caltech a grant for the construction of a 200-inch telescope.  Numerous sites were tested looking for optimal atmospheric conditions; in 1934 Palomar Mountain was chosen as a site for this ambitious project.

In 1948 Palomar Observatory was completed and has been remarkably productive since then.  This amazing telescope is still used on every clear night of the year.  Astronomers are studying asteroids, comets, stars that comprise our Milky Way Galaxy, galaxies beyond our own, and quasars (very bright light sources, possibly the center of distant galaxies, which take billions of light years to reach Palomar Observatory.)

Palomar Mountain is a beatiful place to visit. Come see the 200-inch hale telescope in person. The Observatory is open daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm. (closed December 24th and 25th). Palomar Observatory Gift Shop is open on weekends and during the summer from July 1st to August 31st.

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